World IA Day 2024

A Global Conference about Information Architecture

Friday and Saturday, March 8–9, 2024

World IA Day Switzerland 2024 is over

See you again on March 8–9, 2025 👋

Global Theme 2024


Context is all around us. It shapes the meaning in all types of communications. Without context, you can’t communicate effectively. Without context, you can’t understand meaning. Context is fundamental to the way we come to understand people, situations, and ideas. Context inspires feelings, thoughts and beliefs of groups and individuals. It is the background information that allows people to make informed decisions.


The event will take place in the Volkshaus at Helvetiaplatz, just a 10-minute walk from Zurich main station.

Volkshaus Zürich
Blauer Saal (1st floor)
Stauffacherstrasse 60
8004 Zürich

Facade of the Volkshaus in Zurich
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No matter if you are new to information architecture or an experienced professional, let’s get together and share the ways information architecture makes a difference in our lives.

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture (IA) are structures that we use to make sure that the information people need is easy to find and to understand. So when you use a website, a mobile application or go into a store and you can find what you need and everything makes sense, that means the information architecture is doing its job.

What is World IA Day?

World IA Day connects the world through information architecture. World IA Day is a one-day annual conference organized by the World Information Architecture Association (WIAA) and held simultaneously in dozens of cities across the world:

Who is the WIAD for?

Information architects, user experience designers, business owners, content specialists, developers and all you web enthusiasts.

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