André Bruggmann (CH)

André is a Data Scientist and Geospatial Solutions Expert at Crosswind GmbH. He helps customers gain new insights using spatial business data, and he implements (spatial) visualizations and web applications to facilitate strategic business decisions (e.g., selection of optimal point of sale locations). André holds a PhD in Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis from the University of Zurich, Switzerland

About the talk

February 27, 13:00 – 13:30

André Bruggmann – How to arouse user curiosity and enable decision-making through spatial information visualization

Analyzing and interpreting spatial information is key to many important strategic (business) decisions; for example, in determining where a new point-of-sale location should be opened to reach as many new clients as possible.

In my talk, I will present how we at Crosswind arouse customer curiosity by using spatial information analysis and visualization, thereby supporting customers in making such decisions.

In addition, I will show how interactive visual displays have stimulated historians’ curiosity about space, as part of my PhD project. Through interacting with the visualizations, they were presented with a new/spatial perspective, allowing them to gain new insights into the history of Switzerland.

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