Arzu Çöltekin

Arzu Çöltekin is a professor of human-computer interaction and extended reality at the Institute of Interactive Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. She is also a research affiliate at the Harvard University’s Seamless Astronomy group, a council member with the Int. Society of Digital Earth, she co-chairs Visual Analytics Commission (ICA), and chairs the Geovis, Virtual and Augmented Reality working group (ISPRS).

About the talk

March 5, 13:15 – 13:30

Information, interaction and visualization in extended reality

Amplified by the technological leaps of the last two decades, now extended (virtual, augmented or mixed) reality (XR) can be experienced on relatively affordable headsets or even smart phones. This new-found wide availability, combined with the “magical” experiences most XR seem to create for the users, led to speculations that the XR is possibly the next big revolution after smart phones. In terms of our interactions with information, mixed reality (MR, a sub type of XR) is particularly intriguing, as it has to potential to turn our entire world into digital information displays. In this talk, we examine the implications of XR, specifically MR, for the future of information societies, specifically taking a visualization and interaction design perspective with human factors in mind.

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