Christoph Dubs

Christoph Dubs has been working for over 10 years on the best possible “staging” of digital content. His motto: Employ usual means and tell unusual stories. Christoph draws on a professional trajectory, where staging of content has always played a role. He started his career in a newspaper editorial office, then worked for a long time as a concept designer in advertising and designed several textbooks and illustrated books. His passion for getting to the heart of complex issues led him as an author to the political cabaret and laid the foundation for his work as a freelance copywriter. Christoph originally studied Protestant theology in Zurich and Kiel. After more than 15 years in Germany and Spain, he has been living with his family in Switzerland again since 2010.

About the talk

February 22, 15:40 – 15:55

Christoph Dubs – The user thinks, but who controls? Information is a matter of interpretation

The information is created in the head of the user. What he understands is not always what we want. And what the user expects is not always what he finds. We go into the user’s head and take a little trip through the uneven terrain of information architecture with its stumbling blocks called taxonomy and navigation.

We follow the questions: How does information emerge? Where is the connection between taxonomy and navigation that makes sense? And how do I find my way through the jungle of information? Using examples, I show conflicts that arise in the user’s head. And show ideas and solutions to better understand – and guide – the user. On the trip we encounter monstrous mega menus, endless footers, filters that bring us closer to madness than to the goal, and a lot of characters we think we know.

Come along on an exciting trip!

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