Clementina Gentile

Clementina works as a Service Designer for Proximus, a Belgian telco provider. In the past she was a consultant in the field of UX and Service design and she has been working for clients like Sony, the European Commission and the Flemish Government. She has been a speaker in various international conferences such as EuroIA2016, IA Summit Rome 2016, WIAD Zurich 2017, WIAD Bari 2018. Last year she was co-chair of EuroIA 2019.

About the talk

February 27, 11:30 – 12:00

Clementina Gentile – On poetry and design

When design becomes more and more a commodity, what is the role of the designer? How can we shift the focus from standardization and optimization to social impact and relevance? My curiosity towards language has brought me to investigate how poetry deals with these questions and what we can learn from it. In this talk, I will illustrate 4 principles of poetry that can be applied to the design practice: hindrance, openness, polyphony, and elegance.

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