Eugen Rodel

Eugen Rodel is passionate about combining the curiosity of a technology nerd, the expertise of a management consultant, and the creativity of an artist. This allows him to share new perspectives on everyday things, especially in the areas of service design and digital twins. He is currently a senior research associate at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Using an agile process approach, he creates simulation models to support decision-making.

About the talk

March 4, 14:00 – 14:30

A different perspective: Using simulation modeling to find the way to knowledge

The complex ecosystems in which people, processes, and things exist mean that decision-making is difficult due to limited understanding of the underlying causes and effects. Often there is no single correct answer to a problem because of uncertainties and because in many cases we cannot afford to experiment with real objects. Then we can build a model of a real system: its representation in a modeling language. The model is always less complex than the original system and the process is still more an art than a science. Thinking step-by-step allows us to break the problem down into smaller components, explore dependencies and focus on aspects that are susceptible to change. Now we can begin to explore and understand the structure and behavior of the original system, play with and test various conditions, compare and optimize different scenarios. Once we find a solution, we map it back to the real world. Simulation modeling helps us to translate data into more manageable forms of information and knowledge, to support the right action along the way.


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