Gilles Demarty

Gilles is a Senior Designer at :ratio, a UX agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In his free time, he has organised many global UX events in Switzerland.

He is also a speaker, a speaker coach, an hybrid event organisation consultant and he creates software like Gimbalst, a tool to prototype navigations.

Lately, he developed a passion for Improv theater.

About the talk

February 22, 14:15 – 14:40

That tool that shaped the Interaction architect in me

Gilles believes in the need to make tools that integrate more intimately with the work of the designer.

For the last year, he has been working on Gimbalst, a digital tool for information architects — a tool that helps present navigations to clients.

Since the first beta, he has been using Gimbalst at :ratio, the design agency he works for. And along the way, Gimbalst fundamentally changed his way of designing websites and applications.

So, in this presentation he will tell you the story of Gimbalst — where it comes from and what he learned while creating it, and he will highlight what has changed in his practice, and explain why.

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