Gilles Demarty

Gilles is a Senior Designer at :ratio, a UX agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In his free time, he has organised many global UX events in Switzerland.

He is also a speaker, a speaker coach, an hybrid event organisation consultant and he creates software like Gimbalst, a tool to prototype navigations.

Lately, he developed a passion for Improv theater.

About the talk

March 9, 15:45 – 16:30

Improv(e) your Leadership – When Improv Theater Meets Leadership

You will discover how the art of making spontaneous decisions, collaborating in the moment, and playing off each other’s strengths can not only craft a captivating stage performance but also foster a powerful team.
During this talk, Gilles shares his journey through improvisation theater, and demonstrates how the principles of improv serve as tools for enhancing soft skills, collaboration and leadership in any kind of environment, even the most dynamic.
Context is at the core of improvisation : Learning how to interpret the context, to shape it to your own needs, and to fix it when it is unclear, are important skills.
Those principles and skills are not rocket science, and anyone can acquire them. Expect hands-on exercises, personal anecdotes, and stimulating group discussions.
You will leave this session with a better understanding of improv, collaboration at work and leadership, as well as concrete tools you can use to explore those topics.
No prior improv experience necessary.

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