Grace G. Lau

Grace Lau is one of the co-presidents for the World Information Architecture Association. She also leads the apprentice program at DIA Design Guild to create opportunities for aspiring and transitioning UX professionals. An information architect, she has worked in-house at Disney and Consulted in healthcare and IT spaces. She is based outside of Los Angeles, California, United States.

About the talk

March 5, 14:15 – 14:45

Defining and understanding community: Using IA and research to co-create World IA Association

Communities provide a sense of connection, place, and identity. How do people seek professional communities? What role do these communities play in their career and lives? Volunteers with the World Information Architecture Association share their findings from conversations with people in the community. We focus on the story of how they found their “home” community. We learn about the decision they made when they leave a professional group. We invite the audience to help us think about opportunities to move the IA community forward.

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