Julia Mia Stirnemann

Julia Mia Stirnemann is a freelance designer, art historian, project manager, information architect and strategist. She developed the Worldmapgenerator.com during her dissertation and worked on socio-cultural issues relating to world views. She has worked in various companies and has been running her own studio in Zurich (www.juliamia.ch) since 2008.

About the talk

March 9, 14:00 – 14:30

Structure and Overview: Information Architecture at Worldmapgenerator.com

What does the world really look like? What information is a world map based on? And what happens to the world map if we change the context by using an alternative centring? We have developed the «Worldmapgenerator» to investigate such questions. Creating unconventional world maps by changing the context will lead us to question world views.

The user experience is designed in such a way that the subject matter is conveyed in an explorative process by means of interactive models and the information is embedded step by step through an innovative interface.

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