Lauren Hawker Zafer

Lauren Hawker Zafer is a creative Chief Marketing Officer with several years of professional experience in design, academic content development, digitalization and the emerging tech ecosystem. She is a recognized top artificial intelligence voice on LinkedIn, a podcast host of the well-established tech podcast – Redefining AI and a women in Tech Council Member.

As a passionate team member and leader at the AI software organization, Squirro, Lauren currently focuses on the product positioning and marketing of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solutions for global financial institutions and public sector organizations.

About the talk

March 9

Navigating the AI Landscape: Context as the Anchor

In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, understanding the pivotal role of context is paramount, especially in the use of Generative AI. Join me in exploring how context shapes the information architecture of AI systems. We’ll delve into the nuanced interplay between context and AI, examining the challenges and opportunities it presents.

This talk will illuminate the profound impact of context on the design and implementation of intelligent systems, offering insights that can guide us as we chart the course for a more context-aware AI future.

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