Patrick Labud

Patrick is a UX consultant and based in Zürich. He spent around 7 years in development of enterprise content management systems.

Since his decision to switch to the users’ side, he has been working in usability and user experience in different domains, from media to Med Tech.

As consultant, he integrates UX in IT projects with the goal of happy users and satisfied business stakeholders.

About the talk

February 22, 13:50 – 14:15

Patrick Labud – The hunt for the IA element

Let’s go and hunt down the IA element. Also quite common the IA element is good in hiding in our daily lives, blending in to the fabric of our digital life and space. Patrick will be the guide on the journey to spot it. He’ll show the impact and it shapes our lives, our minds and our behaviour.

Can it be misused? What happens when it is damaged? You’ll find out!

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