Samantha Freedman

Samantha Freedman (you can call her Sam) is a user experience designer at YouTube, Google Zürich. At YouTube, she designs digital products that empower Creators to publish and manage their content globally.

Sam graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors in Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction. Her previous experiences include product design at LinkedIn San Francisco, freelance across the California Bay Area and New York City for various startups, and brand strategy.

About the talk

February 22, 14:40 – 14:55

Samantha Freedman – 10 Tips for mastering Global Navigation (in digital product design)

It’s impossible to have a successful digital product if users can’t find any of your features! Let’s cover mental models, usability, and how it all bubbles down to your product’s IA.

This quick talk features 10 easy & highly effective tips on how to tackle the complexity of global navigation at any company, for any product.

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