Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is a visionary leader of a new calibre, using her vision of Architecting Interaction as an aspirational and operational framework. She is an advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions. She believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields; that interactions are the seeds of innovation, Architecting Interaction explores how spaces and contexts can foster the interactions needed for innovation.

Born and raised in the Middle East, Stephanie has cross-cultural experiences which helped in shaping her compelling and engaging voice. She has given speeches at numerous corporate companies, international conferences, governmental institutions and educational institutions worldwide.

More about Stephanie:

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of AKKA Architects. Among her recent clients are Guardian Glass, Saint Gobain, the European Commission, and a number of Dutch ministries. Stephanie also serves on the advisory and executive boards of a number of business & creative organizations.

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