Stephen Herold

An accomplished design leader, Stephen brings a wealth of experience to the intersection of design and technology. As a former Design Principal and the Experience Design practice leader for IBM in Switzerland, his global journey includes guiding multi-disciplinary teams through the conceptualization, development, and delivery of award-winning experiences. With a focus on human-centered design and design thinking, Stephen is passionate about leveraging the power of design to enhance user experiences, drive innovation, and shape the future of technology.

When not designing, he loves to be outdoors and is an avid endurance athlete – biking, running and hiking. He also plays the drums and after university thought he would be a rockstar. He’s still working on it.

About the talk

March 9, 13:30 – 14:00

Contextual Intelligence: Elevating UX in the Age of AI

Join us for a concise exploration into the practical role of contextual intelligence in enhancing user experiences in the age of AI. Learn about the pillars of cognition and principles of relationship building and experience the impact of context on user interactions in real-world examples highlighting the transformative impact.

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