Tim Schoch

My passion is to create useful stuff and I do that as a Freelancer for both traditional 2D Software (mostly Web) and HoloLens Apps for the last 6 years.

Before venturing into design I’ve been a full stack web developer for almost a decade.
My projects range from short 2 week agency engagements to year long assignments on inhouse development teams.

Being a freelancer I get to see many different approaches and I’m currently helping clients build their own design systems.
In terms of speaking experience: I’ve held talks at the Design Leadership Conference, DesignOps Global Conference, Webinale, the Swiss UX Conference, Meetups, offer In-House Trainings and Consulting on the topic of Mixed Reality and UX Design.

About the talk

February 22, 12:15 – 12:30

Tim Schoch – Validate your Navigation efficiently

Validating your navigation architecture is getting easier with the new generation of Session Recorders.

They provide most insights that an expensive and time consuming in-person usability study would surface, but with almost no setup time and at a fraction of the costs. In this lightning talk you’ll learn how I use recordings to surface problems with the architecture of the navigation.

And how I capture those insights into actionable artifacts for further usage. If you’re looking for an affordable way to validate your navigation and taxonomies this talk is for you. Or if you’re a Design Lead and want to improve your companies human centered design approach but don’t have the funds to conduct regular in-person usability studies.

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