Global Theme 2022

A Connected World

We connect with each other in digital, physical, and blended spaces. We connect with people, products, services, content, and the world in general. This connectedness can be wondrous and yet challenging.


Information architecture uncovers and creates new connections that we weren’t aware of before. It can inspire us to make new discoveries or reveal new relationships that may urge us to take constructive action, e.g. climate change, the global health crisis, or the supply chain disruption we have experienced during the pandemic. Information architecture contributes to making connections more relevant. It helps us understand which information is important and trustworthy. It provides guidance in a mess of information and helps fight against the disinformation of fake news. It allows us to steer better who and what we are connecting with. It creates places we enjoy being in where people and information meet.


In a world where we’re connected yet distanced, how do you facilitate connectedness? How do you help make sense of connections? What new connections have you made recently? How did you support others to discover new connections? In what ways do you think information and information architecture can be used to support, define, or create environments (digital, physical, virtual, or blended) to improve the lives and experiences of people in a connected world? Share with us your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and learnings.


No matter if you are new to information architecture or an experienced professional, let’s get together and share the ways information architecture makes a difference in our lives.

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture (IA) are structures that we use to make sure that the information people need is easy to find and to understand. So when you use a website, a mobile application or go into a store and you can find what you need and everything makes sense, that means the information architecture is doing its job.

What is World IA Day?

World IA Day connects the world through information architecture. World IA Day is a one-day annual conference organized by the World Information Architecture Association (WIAA) and held simultaneously in dozens of cities across the world:

Who is the WIAD for?

Information architects, user experience designers, business owners, content specialists, developers and all you web enthusiasts.

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Photo of Andrea Rosenbusch

Andrea Rosenbusch

UX Architect & Managing Partner



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Yannic Schär

UX & Webdesigner



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Annina Brügger

User Experience Architect



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Gilles Demarty

UX architect and UX Tools maker



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Claudia Steinau

Graphic Recording & Strategic Visualisation

Visual Sensemaking



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